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Greeting Message

At First,
Thank you for visting us. 

Medios, which is founded on the mission that each of our products replace the eyes of our customers is working on the best quality to meet its customers with the best production facilities, which include state-of-the-art technology and years of experience.
In order to provide a healthy and affluent life in return for our customers’ love, we are making every effort to optimize new material development and production process, and to develop various color patterns.
We promise to do our best to provide better quality products and services by humbly accepting loving rebuke instead of being satisfied with our customers’ love.

Thank you. 

–  Medios CEO. Park Jae Yeon  –
Life Style Innovator

This is the 21st century vision of Medios CORPORATION, which corresponds to the management philosophy of contributing to the abundance of human life and the development of human civilization.
In addition to developing new products with our own research institute, we are constantly striving to see the bright world with healthy and beautiful eyes through continuous effort.

Medios Vision
Company that lead Brands and Technology
Medios Value & Mission
Creating new products / technologies through strengthening R & D.
Production of
products based on trust. 
Social contribution through the realization of eye health.