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Possess Technology
Medios make product with the mindset that we think about our customer first. Medios Contact Lens guarantees its stability by using only medical raw materials, and the reliability of production technology is also high as a result of R & D engineers are responsible for all our production process.
DWT (Double Wrapped Technology)
Double wrapped Technology is one of the lens methods developed specifically for color lenses. It is located between the lens materials so that the color does not touch directly to the cornea, so there is no risk of discoloration and you can wear the lens safely and feel comfortable.
This method is to locate the color layers between the inside
and outside layer of the contact lens so the color between the layers does not directly touch the eyes as it gives a comfortable fit and prevents decolorization of the lens also it makes the wearers much safer. 
Cast Moulding System
Cast Molding Technology makes your life rich by ultra-precision cast molding technology. From the initial design, a high quality lens is produced consistently through a sophisticated production system.
Material USAN W/C B/C DIA DK DK/t Usage Design UV block Clear/Color
Silicon Hydrogel
Si-Hy 48% 14.2 8.7 70 100 Monthly SP UV Clear/Color
Prosphorylcholine + P-HEMA
PC + P-HEMA 48% 14.2 8.7 16 Daily SP UV Color
PC + P-HEMA 43% 14.2 8.7 12 Monthly SP UV Color
Conventional P-HEMA
P-HEMA Etafilcon A 58% 14.2 8.7 Daily SP UV Clear/Color
P-HEMA Hioxifilcon B 48% 14.2 8.7 Daily, Monthly SP UV Clear/Color
P-HEMA Polymacon 38% 14.2 8.6 Monthly, Yearly SP Clear/Color
Blue light cut contact lens
Spcification can be customized and applicable to all Hydrogel lenses.
Blue light cut soft contact lenses
Avoid long-term eye damage.
Blue-violet light is everywhere, from your smartphone, tablet, computer and even from the sun. It can put your eyes at risk of long-term damage. Medios’ clear contact lens will prevent long-term damages for your eyes by selectively filtering harmful UV and blue light. UV light from the sun can cause cataracts, while blue light can cause AMD. By choosing Medios, you are protecting your eyes on a daily basis and maintaining your long term eye health. Looking at digital screens all day can be very harsh on our eyes. Medios contact lenses are specially enhanced for your computer, TV and smartphone usage to keep you relaxed and protected and it helps you feel comfortable. 
Photocromic soft contact lenses
We are currently researching lenses that change colors automatically depending on the brightness of light exposed by our new product line, which we are actively studying at our R & D department.
Darken on exposure to UV ray, in the absence of activating light the lenses return to clear state. Clear lens itself or combination effects of color lens will corrects vision and adapts to changing light conditions, protect the eyes from UV rays and cosmetic effects as well. We have filed patents and registration with Korea, EU and other four countries for the manufacturing method of the Blue light cut contact lens and Photocromic contact lens.