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Instruction for use

Precautions for wearing Lenses

Precautions before use

  • Do not use if sterile packaging is opened or damaged.
  • Wash hands thoroughly and dry thoroughly.
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching the lens. Do not allow cosmetics, lotions, soaps, creams, deodorants, or sprays to come in contact with eyes or lenses. It is best to wear a lens before make-up.
  • Always handle the lens carefully and do not drop it. Do not touch the lens with your fingernail. Even small scratches on the lens can damage your eyes.
  • Handling, insertion, removal, and wearing guidelines and ophthalmologist prescriptions should be followed carefully.
  • Inspect the contact lenses as soon as they are removed from the lens container. After checking the cleanliness and moisture of the lens, check the lens for damage. Never use a dried or damaged lens.

How to wear the Lenses

When wearing the Lenses

  • Place the lens on the tip of the index finger and observe its shape. If the corners of the lens are facing outward, the lens is turned upside down make it properly. If the lens is worn in an inverted state, be careful because it can cause severe pain and eye.
  • Look at the front, raise the upper eyelid with one hand, and lower the lower eyelid with the middle of the hand holding the lens.
  • Use the index finger to place the lens on the lower part of the white part of the eye while looking up slightly.
  • Slowly lower the eyelids while releasing the index finger from the eye.
  • Blink the eyes several times so that the lens is positioned in the center of the eye.
  • If the lens is uncomfortable, remove the lens and check the lens for damage. If the lens is damaged, replace the lens. If it is not damaged, wash it thoroughly with a special preservative solution for contact lenses and wear it again.

When remove the Lenses

  • Wash and dry your hands entirely.
  • The eye gazes slightly upward and pulls the lower eyelid downward with the index finger.
  • Take the index finger on the other hand close until it contacts the lower edge of the lens.
  • Gently pull the lens out with your thumb and index finger.
Lenses Management
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and dry with a lint-free cloth before touching the lens or lens case.
  • Before and after storing the lens, rub it with a cleaning solution and rinse it sufficiently.
  • Do not wash the lens with tap water. Tap water contains various germs and microorganisms that cause eye disease.
  • Always immerse the lens in a disinfectant to remove harmful germs.
  • The lens case is cleaned and dried daily after it is used.
  • Lens case should be hot-water disinfected and chemical disinfected once in three days.
  • Replace the brine in the lens case daily.
  • Do not reuse the solution in the lens case or mix it with the new solution.
  • If you have any questions about using the correct lens, consult with your ophthalmologist.